Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Embedding Facebook Post plus TFS and ALM Guidance

I saw an article via mashable.com, I think, about embedding Facebook posts in your website. Well today I had my chance to test it out while sharing some content that I'll definitely use personally. I've been on a mission to try to improve the quality of the work I do and this I'm sure will help. The steps are as follows

  1.   Click the drop-down to the top right of the post and select "Embed Post"

  2. Follow the instructions in the pop up to paste the html and javascript generated in your website's html.

The result,

Monday, September 9, 2013

Key Value Pair Service on Google App Engine

I had the need to include in-game dictionaries for an online game I was enhancing through a Google Chrome Extension.

When I decided to look for a simple key value pair service to load the dictionaries, I assumed I'd find loads of examples or some stable implementation that I could leverage. I found one service that appeared to not have much support and a few examples which were not quite there.

 As I was busy with a few other things at the time, I mentioned Google App Engine to the developer I was working with as a possible solution. I said, we might have a free solution if we manage to remain within the specified quotas. I hadn't conceptualized the flow, so I couldn't say whether or not that was possible. We needed to keep the price low (read zero) because the extension is free, and will always be. When a window opened up I decided to go for it.

First decision,

  1. Go with PHP as that is the language I've used most often
  2. Go with Python to get more experience as I had done only a few basic example before.
Easy choice, Python. Time to reduce the verbosity and get to the gold.

Step 1.

Convert dictionaries to a static file that could be read quickly. I had a few failed attempts at getting good performance with
  • JSON
  • msgpack - It claims to be like JSON but fast and small. It still didn't work so well for me.
  • marshal
I then decided to try to implement cPickle which I'd read about before the other two but for some reason, I didn't try it.

To be continued.........